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Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company is a small, traditional brewery located on a family farm in Rollingstone, Minnesota. We aim to craft fine ales that honor ancient brewing traditions and culture.

Ale is a beverage made from the fermentation of cereal grains, accompanied in ancient times by other fermentable materials such as honey and tree saps. We aim to create ales that focus on the flavors of the fermentation, accentuate the flavor of the source material, and use herbs and spices only as complements. To this end, our ales are warm conditioned on their lees, unfiltered, and refermented in the bottle.

The Auroch's Horn

Available Now

Ode to a Russian Shipwright

Available Winters

Brynhildr's Gift

Available Now

Rise of the Burghers

Availability TBD

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A view of Rollingstone


Brynhildr's Gift is back! 2014 is low-carbonated: real ale served like it!

The Auroch's Horn is available! Find it

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