Ale from the Old Vale

Ale from the Old Vale is an English-inspired ale brewed with hops and herbs grown on our farm. The all-malt ale starts dry and bitter, with sweet herbs supplying the balance. Native herbs blue giant hyssop and bee balm produce a big herby aroma.

Tasting Notes:

Sweet/bitter balance with a big herby aroma that includes fennel and oregano.

Serving Suggestions:

Ale from the Old Vale is designed to be served at cellar temperatures, 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pairs well with meaty broths, especially spicy ones. For dessert, try it with anything anise, or ginger cookies.

Pour with or without the lees; a good way to distribute the lees is by pouring the first half of the bottle, gently swirling the bottle, and then finishing the pour.

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Ale from the Old Vale or The Brave Little Brewer



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