The Auroch's Horn

I've taken The Auroch's Horn and aged it on fresh rhubarb to change the balance from sweet to tart and add a pronounced fruit flavor and aroma.

Please enjoy this ale fresh: the rhubarb flavor does not age well and will diminish greatly after a few months

About the 2012 Batch:

Compared to the 2011 batch, this year's batch has a milder rhubarb flavor with a greater cider character and more acidity.

Please expect an English-style lower carbonation: the bottle conditioning is proceeding slowly and since the rhubarb flavor is short-lived, I recommend enjoying this with a lower carbonation as opposed to waiting for the bottle fermentation to complete.

The lower carbonation will make removing the cork difficult, especially for bottles stored cold. I use the nut cracker on my kitchen shears to help. Just remeber to twist the cork out.

Serving Suggestions:

The Auroch's Horn Aged on Rhubarb is designed to be served at cellar temperatures, 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature has a big impact on flavor.

Pour with or without the lees; a good way to distribute the lees is by pouring the first half of the bottle, gently swirling the bottle, and then finishing the pour.

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The Auroch's Horn Aged on Rhubarb



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